Evil Dancers

Evil Dancers

Men's burlesque - Aran Mars

About the performance

 In the Czech Republic, a truly unique world-class affair. This performance is not a classic striptease, it is a complex, elaborate concept from an experienced professional who has been on the scene as a perfomer for many years and is thus guaranteed to literally turn your audience and you on.

Aran is an entertainment demon who got bored in hell and decided to take a vacation on earth and do what he does best -  to seduce souls to iniquity and to entertain yourself and you royally. His shows are "three T" shows - Testosterone, Theatricality and Tease

There are currently 3 types of performances in the repertoire

  • The Devil - to the rock song "Highaway to hell" in a sexy leather costume adorned with thousands of /really/ red rhinestones, giant horns and also a minor fire surprise.

Classic - as the saying goes "if it ain't broke don't fix it" Aran brings you a classic burlesque number to the timeless classics of the great swing bands of the 1920s with a little musical spice. This number is a very lively, danceable and versatile show for any party

Jekyll and Hyde - a more theatrical show about the battle of control and the dark passions that plague every human being...the question is which side is actually the good side and which is the bad side...maybe you'll find out, maybe you won't but you'll definitely have fun and lose yourself in the slightly gloomy but pleasantly bleak atmosphere.


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